LibGD 2.3.3 Bugs fixes, improved macOS, Windows builds support

The LibGD team is proud to announce the 2.3.3 release of libgd. This release brings a few fixes as well as improved compilations and builds on all platforms. On Windows, vcpkg to install libGd dependencies is now well supported.

In the process, we also added CI using github actions for Linux (x64, arm64/neon, gcc and clan), Windows (x64, arm64, vc and mingw). We are looking for more supported platforms to add to our CI (BSD, all architectures, PowerPC, RiscV etc). If you have such systems and willing to let us run run the github actions CI on it, please let us know, it will be much appreciated.


  • #759 update cmake to generate config.h in the build dir
  • #756 2.3.3 release
  • #750 gdPutBuf return value check
  • #729 HEIF builds fail with latest distros
  • #678 segfault in heif tests due to missing label.heic
  • #677 Test failure avif/compare_avif_to_png with libavif-0.8.2
  • #661 imagecopyresampled() produce artifacts on transparent PNG
  • #611 Fixes to build v2.3.0 on Windows with MinGW-w64
  • #415 optimize option in gif animation causes segfault
  • #331 _gdContributionsCalc() always uses DEFAULT_BOX_RADIUS (gdImageScale internal sub method)
  • #320 gdImageRotateInterpolated() converts the source image to truecolor
  • #249 CMake and Makefiles build broken on Windows
  • #93 gdImageScaleTwoPass() looses top row and left column

For full list of changes, see

This is a recommended update.

You can download the 2.3.3 version of GD Graphics Library from the libgd 2.3.3 release.

Check out the full commits list since the previous release.