What is the GD library?

GD is an open source code library for the dynamic creation of images by programmers. GD is written in C, and "wrappers" are available for Perl, PHP, ruby and many other bindings.

## Supported Image Formats

GD has builtin support for:

GD is commonly used to generate charts, graphics, thumbnails, and most anything else, on the fly. It is lite weight and fits usages like web development, embemdedded, or any other usages you may need.

It supports transparency, blending, images transformations and various filters. Its design allows the additions of custom features in a very friendly manner.

The library was originally developed by Thomas Boutell and is now maintained by Pierre Joye and many valuable contributors, under the umbrella of PHP.net.


Support, discussions or feedback can be done using:


See Contribute to LibGD.