LibGD 2.3.1 release

The LibGD team is proud to announce the 2.3.1 release of libgd.


  • Fix potential integer overflow detected by oss-fuzz
  • Fix #615 using libraqm
  • Fix #303: gdlib.pc: use Requires instead of Libs
  • Using uninitialized variables. (CVE-2019-11038)
  • Heap-based buffer overflow. (CVE-2019-6977)
  • Double-free in gdImage*Ptr(). (CVE-2019-6978)

For full list of changes, see

This is a recommended update.

You can download the 2.3.1 version of GD Graphics Library from the libgd 2.3.1 release.

Check out the full commits list since the previous release.